Published today: Kaskade review on Chart

This is easily the most scathing review that I’ve written for Chart so far – and as much as I hate to push the point, I’m afraid I do believe that the album in question deserved it. In fact, you could argue that as a reviewer, I should have been rougher on it instead of looking for the silver lining.

I mean, I’m sorry, but I really didn’t like this record. I like to think I can engage with any type of music and give it a fair shake, regardless of whether or not I’d consider myself a fan of the genre in question. And to be honest, I really tend to love dance music. But not when it’s as uninspired as the stuff on this particular record. And I guess I wouldn’t have been doing my “job” as a critic if I’d gone ahead and given it a free ride.

Anyway, whatever. I’m sure that none of this actually matters, because Kaskade is doing great, and I sincerely doubt that my little review will have an impact on his career. But either way, I’m definitely all like “Wow, this is not the record for me.”

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