I interviewed Dave Mustaine about an hour ago

I didn’t want to mention this until it was a done deal, but today was the day that the folks at Chart sent me out to the Four Seasons to interview Dave Mustaine of Megadeth about his new book. It was a chance to talk to one of the most accomplished and intelligent people in the world of metal, and it was one of the most honest and engaging interviews I’ve ever had the pleasure to do.

Not that I can take any credit for that. He did all the talking, which should come as no surprise, and I was obviously happy to let him run with it. I’m hardly a professional, and I’m sure that at least a couple of the questions I got to ask were pretty basic, so I was glad to let him roam in much more interesting directions.

I do hate to gush, and I like to think I’m not the sort of person who’s wowed by celebrity, but this was a different story altogether. You could pretty much hop in a time machine and track me down at any age between twelve and now, and you’d basically get the same “Holy shit!” reaction out of me when you told me about my morning.

And yeah, that would be a totally frivolous use of time travel. But it’s not like the technology’s even going to be affordable to consumers until long after they’ve used it to cure all known diseases and stop Hitler. And you know that once it’s available to everyday people, we’re all just going to use it for sex anyway.

Anyway, I’m going to try and turn the interview over to Chart as quickly as possible, along with a book review. I’ll let you know when they’re up, and I encourage you to read them both. But more importantly, make sure you read the book; it’s really not your typical heavy metal memoir.

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