Link of the Day: Tales from Unicorn Island

“So I used to make comics back in the day,” my brother explained yesterday, “mainly for print and some brief stints online. The main result of that these days is that I have a lot of old material and jokes and such on my D: drive collecting techno-dust.”

Now that he’s “a little older and a little wiser and a little more aware of what blending options are,” he’s decided to reboot a strip called Tales from Unicorn Island. The first of the original strips is available here, and you’ll be able to follow the series here. New strips should be posted “every Wednesday at least” on Jon’s site.

“There may also be another strip I start tossing up on Mondays soon,” my brother added. “To my mind Monday and Wednesday are the ones with the least going for them currently. We’re all in this together dudes!”

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