Yesterday’s News: Thursday, 2 June 2011

Here we go again with another round of links and curiosities. Buckle up, faithful reader!

  • They also noted that it’s apparently much easier for a terror suspect to get onto no-fly watch lists than it is to get off
  • A man in Toronto’s west end has been accused of beating raccoons with a shovel
  • Macleans reported that a majority of Canadians don’t support certain key Tory policies
  • The CBC reported that Health Canada is currently reviewing two studies that show that Yasmin, the highest-selling birth control pill in the country, may put women at higher risk of blood clots
  • For some strange reason, the fertility doctor who helped that “Octomom” lady have fourteen children has just had his license revoked
  • They’ve also noted that two New York hotels involved in recent high-profile sexual assault cases have given their housekeepers panic buttons to use in the event of attack – and a union for hotel workers is now working on legislation to make these buttons mandatory at all New York hotels
  • Slashdot gave a nod to an emerging debate over the merits of mining Jupiter, Saturn, and other gas giants for fuel; plenty of jokes about mining Uranus for gas soon followed
  • They also acknowledged that DC Comics has basically rebooted its entire fictional universe
  • Meanwhile, the Canadian government has declared the issue of cybersecurity to be “foremost in importance” among a list of consultation topics related to Canada-US security
  • Speaking of which, apparently, North Korea is training cyberwarriors abroad
  • Not only that, but Mashable also ran a story about Chinese hackers targeting domestic activists and US government officials in a recent Gmail phishing attack
  • The Atlantic noted that a certain unfortunately-named congressman can’t say for sure if that’s his junk in a lewd photo that was posted through his Twitter account this week
  • Feministing examined the ways in which private prisons in the US are profiting from the anti-immigrant movement
  • Gizmodo posted a series of tips on surviving the modern day breakup

Finally, over at, I posted this, this, this and this.

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