Currently enjoying “Circles” by Adam F

Sampling Bob James is typically a quick and easy route to a decent track. Two of his early works, 1974′s “Nautilus” and 1975′s “Take Me to the Mardi Gras,” are among the most sampled songs in hip hop history, appearing on dozens of tracks each. But 1976′s “Westchester Lady” is no slouch either; it’s been sampled by artists like Low Profile and Michi Lange, and it appears on not one but two tracks by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince.

But perhaps the most impressive take on source material is “Circles,” a 1995 single produced by English drum and bass DJ Adam F. It’s an intense and uptempo track that accomplishes the difficult trick of keeping the original melody intact while simultaneously reinventing it. Go ahead and listen for yourself.

The remixes by Andy C and Roni Size aren’t much of a departure from the original, but they round out the single nicely. All in all, well worth checking out.

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