Currently enjoying “Drop” by Seven

Seven is the dubstep moniker of UK producer and DJ Eddy Berry. His 2009 single Drop is a bold, heavy entry in a genre that’s still emerging and ambiguous over on this side of the pond.

It’s not a dense piece of music, but there’s a lot of weight and depth to it. The sounds of the early rave era are stripped to their bare essentials, and the end result is an echoing, insistent drumbeat orbited by shuffling uptempo synth and beats. It’s a lot like that scene in 24 Hour Party People where Martin Hannett tells Stephen Morris of Joy Division to play “faster but slower.”

Backed with “The Darkness,” a b-side that feels a lot like a continuation of the same musical themes, “Drop” is a fine introduction to the basic, heavier end of the genre. Do check it out.

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