Four weeks and counting without a drink

It’s been about a month since I decided to quit drinking for a while, and on the whole, I’m enjoying the results. I’ve managed to go four weeks and counting without a drink, and I’m feeling better, sleeping better, and getting more done since I put the drinking on hold.

Mind you, it hasn’t been without its side effects. I’m drinking quite a bit more coffee than I used to, and I’m starting to feel withdrawal effects when I don’t. I’m also at a loss of what to do with myself when I’m out and about; I should really look into some new options.

But you know what the biggest disappointment is? The break I’ve taken from drinking hasn’t led to a corresponding break from saying and doing stupid things.

All this time, I’d hoped it was the alcohol’s fault! I thought I’d been making an ass of myself because I happened to be drunk at the time! Instead, it turns out I’m genuinely a bit of an idiot!

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One Response to “Four weeks and counting without a drink”

  1. Leon says:

    Oh no! Maybe I’m an idiot too.