Here’s what’s happening with Everyone’s a DJ (and how you can help)

Everyone’s a DJ, the free monthly night we host at Disgraceland, returns two weeks from tonight. As always, we’re looking for sixteen DJs to spin twenty-minute sets each. No experience is required, any kind of music will do, and you can sign up online through our website.

The schedule for April will be updated as the spots are filled, but we’re also currently taking bookings for May and June. If you can’t join us in April, but you’d like to book a spot at a future night, then go ahead and sign up in advance.

Bookings are filled on a “first come, first served” basis, so book early to avoid disappointment. I haven’t been able to put as much energy into bookings as I’d like lately, and as a result we’ve done some recent nights with vacant sets. That’s about to change, and you can expect our future nights to fill up well in advance.

Want to be the first to hear about new availabilities? We’re launching a mailing list, which we’ll use to send out a quick alert whenever we start booking a night. Subscribers will have a brief but exclusive window in which to sign up before booking goes public. You can get on board by sending an email to, telling us you’d like to subscribe.

This is just one of a number of new features we hope to launch in the future, including a new website and online community, resources for new DJs, and a more streamlined booking process. I’m also hoping to get back into talks about expanding the series into other cities.

There’s a catch, though. Not only is all this going to take work, but I won’t be the person doing a lot of it. I’ve been at it for nearly five years, and I have to admit, I love doing it. But these days, I’ve got other commitments and priorities.

It’s time for Everyone’s a DJ to become a community effort, and I’m glad to say I’ve already heard from a number of people who want to be a part of it. If you think you might like to join us, drop a line to; I’ll send you an update when I’ve got a better sense of where we’re going and what we need.

You can also share your thoughts and ideas in the comments, and follow us on Twitter or “like” our page on Facebook if you haven’t already done so. Thanks for reading, stay tuned for updates, and be sure to join us in April!

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