The only thing that interests me about London 2012 is now available on iTunes

Underworld and Danny Boyle go way back. Boyle introduced the band to a mass audience by closing his second film, Trainspotting, with their┬ápreviously ignored single “Born Slippy .NUXX.” They went on to work together on various stage and screen projects, the latest of which was a little something called the opening ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics.

The official soundtrack album, Isles of Wonder, features thirty-six tracks by various artists. Underworld contributed eleven tracks, including two new releases and a wide range of remixes. There’s also quite a lot of material by High Contrast, a Welsh drum and bass DJ who’s also a frequent Underworld collaborator.

The soundtrack hit iTunes at midnight following the opening ceremonies, and a two-CD version will be released on Thursday. As you may imagine, it’s already selling remarkably well. I finally got around to buying the digital version tonight, and I look forward to starting my day with it tomorrow, and reporting back later in the week.

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