My “Six Weeks of Rush” idea has already hit its first major obstacle

My wife, whose patience I try not to test any more than I have to, has some reservations about my Six Weeks of Rush project. And since I hope to have only one wife in my lifetime, unlike a certain four-timer I could name, I figure I’d better take those reservations seriously.

The show airs from noon to three on weekdays, and as I mentioned in my original post, I’d been considering listening to it after the fact, through a podcast. My wife put her foot down on that idea, however, because… Well, basically, she doesn’t want any Rush Limbaugh in our house.

Thankfully, she needn’t have worried. You see, it turns out you can’t subscribe to Limbaugh’s podcast unless you’re a paying member of his Rush 24/7 subscription service, and I think we can all agree that this is a dumb enough idea without me having to pay for it.

So I guess if I’m going to do this, I’ll have to sacrifice three hours of the time I usually spend at the office listening to BBC 6, and listen to Rush’s show instead. And because I’ll be damned if I’m going to let this stupid idea interfere with my job performance, this will require some additional rules:

  • I won’t be tweeting during the show, because I’ll be working. Instead, I’ll tweet a quick recap after the fact.
  • In the unlikely event that having this show on in the background does interfere with work, then of course I’m not going to listen to it. Being the uptight, politically correct liberal I am, I’m naturally scared that Rush could make my workplace a hostile environment by saying something racist, sexist or stupid on his show. At least if he does, we can count on his fans to celebrate his courage.

Anyway, the game begins on Monday, 1 October 2012. Stay tuned to this blog and follow @SixWeeksofRush on Twitter for details and updates.

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