Ranked ballots made a democratic difference this weekend

Here’s an excerpt from an email the good people at RaBIT sent to their mailing list in Saturday evening, following the leadership convention held by the Ontario Liberal Party:

“Just moments ago, the Ontario Liberal Party chose Kathleen Wynne as our new premier.

“The Liberal Party – and all other parties – use runoffs to choose their leader. Runoffs are more inclusive and offer more choice for voters.

“While critics of runoff voting often say that ‘runoffs never actually change the outcome,’ today we see once again that runoffs indeed can change the outcome.

“Just like Dalton McGuinty who came in fourth place on the first count of his leadership race, Kathleen Wynne also did not win the first ballot. Runoff voting ensures that the winner has the support of a majority of voters. As other candidates dropped off the ballot today, support shifted to Wynne.

“All Canadian parties use runoffs to choose their leader. Here in Toronto, we should use runoffs to choose our leaders too!”

Visit RaBIT online to learn more about the work they do, and the value of it. While you’re there, be sure to join their mailing list.

In the meantime, congratulations to Ms. Wynne! Not for being our first female premier or our first queer premier (although that is an impressive democratic double whammy), but for winning the support of the party she leads. May she go on to earn the trust of the public she serves.

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