Varial is celebrating ten years of web hosting by offering new customers 50% off for up to three years

The good people at Varial Technologies, who host this website and others in my portfolio, celebrated their tenth anniversary on the first of this month. To mark the occasion, they’re currently offering new hosting clients a 50% discount on their already competitive rates, for a period of up to three years.

Use the coupon code “10YEARS” when you sign up, and your discount will be applied to the duration of your billing cycle. If you choose to be billed monthly, you’ll receive 50% off your first month. If you choose to be billed¬†every three years, you’ll get 50% off your first three-year period. There are also plenty of options in between, and you can choose whichever option suits you best.

For the sake of full disclosure, I should mention that every link to Varial in this post is an affiliate link. If you arrive at their website by clicking one of these links, and you sign up for a hosting package, then I get 10% of whatever you pay. Having said that, I assure you that I wouldn’t be a Varial customer, let alone recommend their services to you, if I didn’t think it was worth it.

The offer is valid until the end of the month. and it applies to new orders only. Get in there and take advantage of it.

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