It starts with you on Father’s Day

The White Ribbon Campaign has just launched a brand new website at Executive Director Todd Minerson explained in recent email that the site is designed to “celebrate, inspire, and mark the important role fathers (and other adult male role models) can play in promoting healthy and gender equitable relationships in our world.”

The site features resources for fathers, family members, educators and other coaches and leaders. There’s also a forum for new ideas and tips, which visitors are encouraged to submit using an online form.

“The great thing about developing this campaign,” Todd says, “was learning from men across the province, that most of us are already doing this kind of mentoring in our lives. We maybe need some tips and encouragement, or to make the links to that work and ending violence against women, but it made for a very inspiring and hopeful experience developing this campaign.”

All in all, it’s a wonderful example of the great work that the White Ribbon Campaign does to raise awareness of the role that men can play in ending violence against women – not to mention a reminder to celebrate all the fathers out there.

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