Pediatricians are great because they can validate new parents with authority

I love taking our kid to the pediatrician!¬†Kate and I have only been parents for a couple of months, and we do tend to worry about our daughter’s health and well-being. Even when things seem fine on the surface, I often catch myself worrying about hypothetical problems I don’t even know about, just because our lousy non-talking kid can’t assure us she’s perfectly happy.

That’s where the pediatrician comes in. Not only is he a friendly guy who’s great with kids and parents alike, but he’s also a medical professional with the authority to tell us that our child is perfectly healthy.¬†That’s what he said today, and I already can’t wait for him to say it again at next month’s appointment. I’d take her up there every damned day, if they’d let me.

Pediatricians are great! If you’ve got young children of your own, and you’ve never taken them to see a pediatrician, then I can’t recommend it enough.

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