How I (often fail to) blog

I wrote a draft version of this post the other night, so I wouldn’t have to rush it. This morning, I read it with a fresh pair of eyes and gave it a quick rewrite. I don’t always take this approach when it comes to my writing; half the time, in fact, I end up trying to hammer something out during my morning commute. But my intentions are always good.

This was a pretty easy post to write, because I knew it was going to be my Wednesday morning item. Every weekend, I try to sit down and plan out a schedule of content for the week ahead. It’s rare that I actually do, and even then, it’s unlikely I’ll actually stick to it. But the point is, I try.

The lesson, I suppose, is that you need a routine to simplify your blogging and keep you motivated. But if you want to ignore that routine whenever you feel like it, that’s probably fine, too.

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