Sleep is a funny thing

On the one hand, I can grab three hours of the stuff, and spend the next day feeling energized and refreshed. On the other hand, I can crash early, sleep as late as possible the next day, and still feel exhausted.

Right now, I’ve got a bit of the latter going. Let’s just say this isn’t one of those posts I wrote in advance last night. In fact, once I’d put my kid to bed, I was pretty much done for the day.

And that’s the thing, I suppose. It’s not about how much sleep I get, although that’s certainly important. It’s about how I use the time when I’m not sleeping. I could tell you I feel exhausted today, but I really feel behind in my work and my routine.

Thankfully, it’s easy to get back on top. I know what I want to catch up on, and I’m rested and engaged enough to do it. All I’ve got to do now is do it.

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