A guide to using Evernote with GTD

The David Allen Company recently produced a guide to using Evernote, the free and popular note-taking app, as a platform for their Getting Things Done productivity system. Technically, they’ve produced two: one for Windows, and one for Mac.

Evernote is a fairly flexible tool, and there are many different ways you can set it up for GTD. The method I’d been using was fine, but the system suggested in these guides is much simpler and much more elegant than mine. I’ve been transitioning from one to the other, a few notes at a time, and I’m already seeing a big difference.

The short version of their strategy is a notebook for each next action context, and a note for each projects with links to relevant next action notes. I prefer my existing method for tracking calendar items, so I’ve adapted it to their system, but otherwise I’m following their road map and getting real results.

Are you a GTD devotee? What tools do you use, and how do you use them? The David Allen Company offers setup guides for a wide range of platforms, and although they’re not free, they might give you some ideas if you’ve been thinking about making a switch. For free resources, check this space instead.

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