We’ll be back

Now that we’ve gotten to the last full day of the trip, we can’t help but take an inventory of all the things we didn’t get around to doing.

It would have been nice to get to the fairground. We might have enjoyed another night at that restaurant where my kid was so well behaved. It’s a shame we didn’t have an opportunity to see this person or that person. That sort of thing.

What’s nice about all this, of course, is that we’ll be back before we know it. These are all things we’ll eventually get to do, and we won’t have to wait long to do them. The list we’re making now can go in the envelope at home where we keep our passports and pounds, ready and waiting for the next trip over.

It’s a nice feeling, and one that emphasizes what a home away from home this is. And considering the fact that I spend much more of my time these days in the place my wife grew up than I do in the place I did, you can bet I feel that sense of home myself.

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