Lots of new faces tonight

Everyone’s a DJ returns to Disgraceland tonight. For those of you who are curious, here’s the schedule.

9:00 PM – Kate Belcher
9:20 PM – DJ Active Virus Scan
9:40 PM – DJ Frankie Li
10:00 PM – K Sawyer Paul
10:20 PM – Heavy Early
10:40 PM – DJ Music is My Radar
11:00 PM – Syndrical.One
11:20 PM – Thursday Born
11:40 PM – Cliff Lee (The Afterafterparty)
12:00 AM – Melita Kuburas (The Afterafterparty)
12:20 AM – Nicole D’Cruz (The Slow Clap)
12:40 AM – Brian Wong (The Slow Clap)
1:00 AM – KidKulit
1:20 AM – Uncover My Pickled Corpse
1:40 AM – Matt Blair

The 2:00 AM spot is currently vacant due to some scheduling issues. If you’d like it, drop a line and let me know. Otherwise, we hope to see you tonight. Spread the word and bring your friends, why don’t you? If experience is any indication, tonight’s guests are tomorrow’s DJs.

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