Gear shopping

I picked up a pair of Denon DN-S1200s this afternoon. I’d been putting off buying new CD decks for a long while, but the gear I was planning on bringing to the benefit tomorrow isn’t in great condition, and the S1200s looked like a great option at the right price.

My friend Mike Hodge, who spins as Syndrical.One, played a big part in the decision. When he and I spun at Augusta House in June with Paul G and the Slow Clap, he brought his S1000s along. I thought it was a great setup, and the S1200 is an upgrade. We talked about some other options as well, but this one was not only the most appropriate, but also the most affordable. Thank you, Mike!

I’ll plug them in tonight and see how they work, and I’ll take them down to Whippersnapper tomorrow for their live debut. I won’t actually be spinning, but eighteen other people will, and they’ll get to do it on new gear. Not bad!

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