Everyone’s a DJ in September (especially students)

The schedule for next month’s edition of Everyone’s a DJ was announced earlier today. It’s a really great bill, and it came together a lot more quickly than usual. Maybe the summer slump is finally, finally over.

With September booked, we’re now accepting bookings for the rest of 2009, and I’m glad to say they’re filling up quicker than expected. That might have a lot to do with a little help from Eye Weekly; I was pleasantly surprised to discover today, through a post on the Yo! Jamz blog, that they’d chosen to endorse us in this year’s Student Guide. Thanks, Eye! I’m not being modest when I say that every other night mentioned in that article is cooler than mine, and it’s very cool to be lumped in with such good company.

In the meantime, October is filling up fast. If you’ve requested a set and you haven’t heard back from me yet, then you will soon. If you haven’t requested a set and you’d like to do so, then it looks like you’d better get on it. Stay tuned to the website as well, because I’ll be adding a few new features that will hopefully make it even easier to book yourself a set. Watch this space for further updates, and make sure to join us at Disgraceland on the twelfth!

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