How many steps will it take?

My friend Matej Novak was kind enough to pass on a link to a video that he and his team produced on behalf of Scotiabank in honour of the recent AIDS Walk for Life. Do check it out, and feel free to spread it around.

“Scotiabank’s AIDS Walk for Life in Toronto took place on September 13th and, by all accounts, it was an extremely successful event,” the video’s official writeup states. “We’d like to help them make it even more successful by bringing attention to it even after the fact… The attached video was shot on the day of the event. As it happened. No special effects. Just chalk.”

The video is being shared as a “thank you” to everyone who took part in the event or sponsored someone who did. That includes the many people who were generous enough to sponsor my walk, so thanks once again to all of you. But more importantly, this video is also an appeal to those who wish to support the fight against AIDS but were unable to sponsor the walk. Donations are still being accepted, and they’re urgently needed, so please feel free to share this appeal with anyone who might wish to give. Thanks!

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