The forgetful DJ’s dealbreaker

The next time I buy a mixer, it’s going to have a built-in power cable. The Stanton M.505, which I currently use and love, is an excellent piece of equipment with a detachable AC adapter. And if there’s one thing I’ve had to learn the hard way time and again, it’s the fact that I can’t be trusted to remember not to leave the club without it after a gig.

How many times have I tried to plug in my mixer or pack for a gig, only to discover that the damned thing was nowhere to be found? The mixer obviously doesn’t work without it, and the mixer’s kind of an important part of DJing. Tonight was just the latest in a long line of embarrassing examples, although in fairness, I had to leave my last gig in a hurry. Nonetheless, it means I’ll have to go back to Disgraceland and pick it up tomorrow, and that never stops being an aggravation. Take it from a guy who’s had to do it about a dozen times already.

Anyway, you know the Payday set I promised you? Well, it won’t be hitting the web until tomorrow night at the earliest. But it’ll be awesome, so stay tuned.

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