It’s Friday, so here’s the video for “Fun To Be Had” by Nitzer Ebb

Industrial and EBM artists are often guilty of taking themselves a bit too seriously – sometimes to completely unwarranted degrees. Which is why it’s pretty nice, every once in a while, to see a group like Nitzer Ebb decide that the best way to shoot a video for a heavy, aggressive single is to go downtown with a limited budget and ham it up like a couple of kids pretending to be all big and tough.

That’s basically what they did in the video for 1990′s “Fun To Be Had,” and it totally works. It’s simple, and it’s kind of stupid, but it’s not like there’s anything missing here. It’s a big, booming track that doesn’t have to do anything more to live up to its message than be a big, booming track. Not only that, but it looks it was probably a lot of fun to shoot.

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