I’m sorry, but I couldn’t resist (Part 2)

Here’s an email that I just sent to Kiva Couchon at the Arizona Office of Tourism, as per the recommendation of a staffer at ArizonaGuide.com, regarding Senate Bill 1070.

Ms. Couchon,

How are you? I was given your contact information by an “Arizona Expert” who I had the pleasure of chatting with at ArizonaGuide.com this afternoon. I requested information on Senate Bill 1070, believing it to be a significant matter that potential visitors ought to be aware of before planning a trip to your state.

I was told that ArizonaGuide.com is “currently working on this,” and given your contact information in the meantime. I was informed that the bill was not officially a law yet, but when I asked when it might become a law, I was asked again to contact your directly.

I would appreciate any information you and/or your office could provide on Senate Bill 1070 and the ways in which it stands to affect potential visitors to Arizona. This is obviously a bill that could have a substantially negative effect on Arizona’s tourism, economy and reputation, and I’m sure I’m not alone in my concern that many potential tourists will simply avoid the state altogether if they feel unable to plan a safe and informed vacation due to a lack of relevant information on your website.

I look forward to learning more about the bill, and about the many ways in which it might affect Arizona’s tourists and residents alike. In fact, if you would be so kind as to provide your visitors with information on what they can do to prevent the bill from becoming a law, then I believe you would be doing not only your state but your country a great service.

Thank you for your time,

Matt Blair

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