Link of the Day: O.Noir

Yesterday was Kate’s birthday, and she’d been meaning to check out O.Noir for a while, so we made a reservation for last night. I’m not much of a gourmet, but I know what I like, and the food and the experience alike at O.Noir are well worth recommending. More important than that, however, is the socially conscious nature of the restaurant.

O.Noir is Canada’s first “dine in the dark” restaurant, having already been proven a success in several other cities worldwide. And when they say “in the dark,” they’re talking about absolute darkness. Your sense of sight is completely removed from the experience, and believe it or not, it really does heighten other senses like taste and smell.

But it’s not just a trendy gimmick. Not only is the food terrific, but the meal as a whole is designed to help O.Noir’s guests “gain a better understanding of what it’s like to be blind – just like the restaurant’s entire wait staff.”

If you’re after a fine meal in a unique setting, you should give it a shot. It’s definitely something to try at least once.

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