Currently enjoying’s “Bless You” compilation was a web-based “vinyl only” record label founded in 2001 by Alex Paterson of the Orb. Samples from a new release were posted on their website each month; at the end of the month the label would press twelve-inch EPs and t-shirts in the exact number ordered, and then delete the record from their catalog.

It was a neat little idea that didn’t end up working out. The label lasted just a little over a year before folding in 2002, having produced only fourteen EPs – fifteen if you count an anonymous and untitled Orb record that officially didn’t exist and was not to be played. Paterson later said that he felt the label failed because the web wasn’t exactly the best forum for selling music exclusively on vinyl. Surely, the fact that every record was deleted as soon as it was pressed and shipped was also a factor in the label’s failure to grow.

But if anything, the two-CD Bless You compilation proves that during its short life, put out some pretty decent music. It’s a collection of some of the label’s finer tracks, produced by a wide range of acts from among the Orb’s extended family; although there are only two official Orb tracks, members of the group appeared on a number of the label’s EPs.

There’s a lot of great stuff on this disc. From the heavy techno thump of Autolump’s “Biometric Electric Rhythms Vox” and the quirky postmodern drum and bass of Creature’s “‘Ow Much?” to the dreamy dub of Fusionic’s “Base” and an absurdly spacey cover of “Barbie Girl,” there’s a lot going on in the mix.

And yes, you can still buy a copy – provided you don’t mind taking a rather ironic trip over to iTunes.

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