It’s Friday, so here’s the video for “Don and Sherri” by Matthew Dear

Matthew Dear released Asa Breed in 2007, and “Don and Sherri” was one of its strongest tracks. The video, simple and sharp, adds a new dimension that serves the music well.

“Directors Judy Welfare and Jeremy Hollister capture much of the song’s fervent busyness by using a special 5 camera rig,” label Ghostly International explains, “splayed out in a semi-circle and attached to the bed of a truck. With Dear literally hanging out over the street, they used mirrors to create a layered effect, similar to the vocals on Don and Sherri, except these shots were achieved for real, in-camera.”

It’s an impressive concept, and it’s well executed here. Sure, I feel bad that I can’t help but compare it to the video for the Falco classic “Der Kommissar,” but I assure you that the comparison’s a favourable one.

By the way, the Hot Chip remix of this track is actually more of a cover, and it’s well worth a listen in its own right.

Dear’s latest, Black City, was released earlier this month. I haven’t heard the whole thing yet, but what I have heard doesn’t disappoint, and I’d definitely recommend it.

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