Currently enjoying “Downpipe” by Mark Knight, D. Ramirez and Underworld

Chart recently granted me the opportunity to review the new Underworld album, which will hit the shelves in a couple of weeks. The review hasn’t been published yet, but once it has, you’ll find that I singled out the good work of a number of producers whose work appears on the disc – including Mark Knight and D. Ramirez.

These guys worked on two of the album’s best tracks – one of which, “Always Loved a Film,” has just been released as a single. But this wasn’t the first time these artists had gotten together. One of their more notable collaborations was a single called “Downpipe,” which was released last year.

I’ve had this one in my headphones for the past couple of days, and it’s a great one. It’s a rich, bouncy club track combining driving beats, nicely effected synths, and Karl Hyde’s usual brand of “stream of consciousness” lyrics. The accompanying instrumental dub version doesn’t add a whole lot to the original, but it’s worth a listen in its own right.

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