Speaking of Niki Ashton…

Earlier today, I noted that Niki Ashton could be the next of the twelve NDP MPs who voted to scrap the gun registry in November to announce that she’s changing her vote.

Well, now we’re hearing that Ms. Ashton has postponed a planned announcement on the nature of her vote – which is at least an indication that she’s giving the issue some serious and promising thought.

If Ms. Ashton and MP Peter Stoffer, who will apparently announce his own intentions on Monday, vote against the bill – and all of the other MPs involved vote the way they’re expected to vote – then Bill C-391 will be defeated.

And I want to note once again that killing the bill isn’t the same as voting to preserve the long gun registry in its current form. Plenty of politicians and constituents who oppose this bill have argued that there’s room for improvement. But such improvements will never come to pass if the registry is scrapped and the debate is shut down, which is what this bill is all about.

The numbers are promising, but we’re not out of the woods yet. Indeed, the greatest threat to the gun registry could be the MPs who choose to abstain from the vote. That’s why the people who have pledged to vote against it need your support, the people who have pledged to vote in favour of it need your appeals, and the people on the fence need your backing most of all.

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