It’s Friday, so here’s the video for “Peppyrock” by BTK

If you can’t get a kick out of this video, then I don’t know what to tell you. Not only that, but BTK were local boys; they may not have scored any major hits in the States or anything, but if you’re from Toronto and you’ve been around a while, you’ll remember a time when this track was briefly but wonderfully ubiquitous. It was around the time that Len was all over the place with “Steal My Sunshine,” if I remember correctly.

I actually used to work at a fundraising call centre with Stone Groove, the tall rapper in the black shirt. In fact, I worked with him for weeks before realizing, when it came up in conversation, that he was the guy from BTK – which is a shameful comment on either the state of the Canadian music industry, or my own ignorance of it. Either way, he was a really good dude.

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