Witness to a City: Elizabeth Amer

Okay, so I haven’t been keeping up with my pledge to read a chapter of Witness to a City each day and post about it. I’m afraid it’s been a busy couple of weeks. What do you say we pick up where we left off?

In his first chapter, David Miller profiles former Toronto city councillor Elizabeth Amer. He tells the story of a youth spent growing up in the Toronto Island community, the changes that took place when that community was marked for removal following the city’s amalgamation in 1954, and the role she played in fighting widespread eviction.

It’s a pretty amazing story, and it laid the groundwork for Ayer’s entry into politics; she went on to serve as councillor for what was then Ward 5. Her two terms in office are long behind her now, but she’s still a vital part of the Toronto Island community.

By the way, she’s also the co-author of a grassroots organizing guide called Taking Action, which looks like it might be quite a read.

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