Link of the Day: Neil Pasricha’s TEDx talk

It took me far too long to get around to it, but I finally sat down last night and watched the talk that my good friend Neil Pasricha delivered at the TEDxToronto conference back at the end of September. It’s available on YouTube, through the official TEDxTalks channel.

If you’ve got eighteen minutes to spare – and come on, sure you do – then I invite you to check it out. I wanted to kick off the week with it, and I hope you’ll take me up on it, because it’s one of those talks that’ll definitely help you move ahead with your best foot forward.

If you’ve read The Book of Awesome – and I’m assuming you have, because it enjoyed a full thirty weeks as an international bestseller – then you already know how tender, insightful, and downright hilarious Neil can be. And if you haven’t, then let this video be your introduction to him.

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