Currently enjoying “Spacecake” by PlatEAU

1999′s Spacecake is the second full-length release by PlatEAU, a partnership at the time between cEvin Key and Phil Western. Supposedly, Key and Western were among the original members who were arrested for marijuana possession, and who chose to form a group in favour of legalization as a result.

How you go from there to the heavy, disconnected sounds on a PlatEAU record is anyone’s guess, but it makes for interesting listening all the same. Blending psychedelic elements with circling electronics and wild percussion, Spacecake takes a few listens to get into, but it’ll grab you soon enough if you’re willing to go along.

There’s a lot of similarity between PlatEAU and some of the lighter material produced by Download, an act that currently features the same two guys. But the music on Spacecake, at least, is a little rougher and more discordant in its rhythm than the more straight-ahead beats on a typical Download record. Either way, fans of one are sure to find a lot to like about the other.

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