Yesterday’s News: Tuesday, 19 April 2011

What do you say we have another look at a bunch of stuff that happened on the web yesterday?

  • The election campaigning marched on with little improvement in tone, as the Liberals pledged to improve access to health care in the North on one hand, while demanding another investigation into Conservative campaign spending practices on the other
  • The Conservatives made a vow to expedite the removal of “dangerous foreign criminals” from Canada, and promised to expand the nation’s highway system
  • They also pointed a finger at Michael Ignatieff, accusing him – directly, strangely – of falsely attributing a quote to Stephen Harper in a recent attack ad dealing with health care
  • The Liberals responded by pledging to change the ad, asking their supporters to choose their favourite Harper health care quote from a list that arguably includes some much more damning options
  • Meanwhile, the NDP issued a pledge of support to cities, along with a call for an extra advanced poll “to ensure Canadians who cannot vote over the holiday weekend have another opportunity to vote in advance of the May 2 general election”
  • They also took Ignatieff to task on health care, wondered aloud when the Liberals plan to take down the campaign signs of a candidate they disowned after it came to light that he once founded a white rights organization, and accused Harper of “playing the same partisan games with Quebec he used to denounce”
  • Over at Spacing, John Lorinc took a look at the future of the waterfront
  • blogTO posted a list of Earth Day events happening in Toronto this year

Finally, over at Babylon Telecom, something weird happened.

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