Currently enjoying “Phlax” and “Type Xer0″ by Jega

Jega is the breakbeat/IDM solo project of Manchester’s Dylan Nathan, a man who produced the bulk of his creative output during the nineties. There’s not a great amount in common between the two Jega releases I recently picked up, 1996′s Phlax and 1998′s Type Xer0, but there’s a lot to like in each case.

Phlax is a worthy entry in the Skam Records catalog, which also features notable releases by Boards of Canada and the dudes from Autechre. It’s an airy, atmospheric disc, but it’s not without its beats, particularly on standout tracks like “Norton Midgate” and the insidiously catchy “In With the In.”

Type Xer0, released on the Planet Mu label that’s also home to acts like Luke Vibert, μ-Ziq and Venetian Snares, is naturally a much more aggressive effort. After the drum and bass frenzy of “Pitbull” and “Intron.v,” and the acid rhythms of “Carbon 60,” a mellow closer like “Naem” is a surprise, and a pleasant one indeed.

Both are available cheaply as digital downloads, and both are well worth your time and attention. Check them out, won’t you?

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