Yesterday’s News: Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Hey, my brother turns thirty today! Happy birthday, Jon! Let’s celebrate with a look at some of the stuff that happened on the web on the last day of your twenties. That’s the same as an actual gift, right?

  • The Globe and Mail pointed out that the new federal budget is “short on details” when it comes to how the proposed $4 billion will be saved, noting that there’s no doubt that certain programs will be cancelled
  • The NDP and the Liberals spoke out against the budget, saying that it doesn’t address the needs of families
  • The Globe also reported on a new mental health study, which found that happily married US soldiers who communicated with their spouses through delayed means like snail mail had lower levels of post-traumatic stress disorder than those who communicated with their spouses through calls and instant messages
  • By the way, Canadian Forces just completed their last battlefield offensive in Afghanistan
  • As the Atlantic reported, it turns out that actually was a genuine photo of Congressman Weiner’s business
  • Mother Jones posted a list of the top 11 political sex scandal apologies other than Weinergate
  • Macleans ran an online poll asking if the new Parliament can be more civil
  • BoingBoing posted this old instructional film from the 1950s, which was created to teach people how to dial with their brand new rotary phones
  • They also examined how doctors first noticed the existence of AIDS in 1981

Finally, over at, I posted this, this and this. More to come today!

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