That’s lame (for now)

My wife and I know there’s going to come a time when our daughter, who’s due any day now, won’t want to have anything to do with us. This morning, in fact, we were cracking jokes about the heartbreaking day when she’ll flip out because we gave her a hug in front of her friends.

“Oh my God, Dad!” I could already picture her saying. “You are so whatever word kids use instead of ‘lame’ in 2025!”

“They’ll probably still say ‘lame,’” my wife interjected. “It’s pretty classic.”

“No,” I replied, “I’ll bet they’ll have moved on from ‘lame’ by then. It’s too insensitive and too politically incorrect.”

In fact, run a quick Google search for “politically correct lame,” and you’ll find that plenty of people are already calling on society to drop the word and treat the disabled with respect. You’ll also find a bunch of people arguing that political correctness itself is lame, but I guess that’s no surprise. If that sort of thing gets you down, don’t Google “politically correct retarded.”

Either way, I’m pretty sure I was right. The clock’s ticking on “lame,” and that’s probably no bad thing. Get it out of your system now, while you still can. Times change, kids grow up fast, and pretty soon you’ll end up saying “lame” in front of your daughter and she’ll glare at you like you actually said “The Holocaust never happened.”

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