Still no baby, but we’re getting closer

Kate and I went to the hospital today for a routine ultrasound. I didn’t think we’d actually have to keep the appointment, because our due date was Sunday – and after I thoughtlessly tweeted about being at the hospital, I had to clarify that we hadn’t had the baby today.

What we do have is a rough deadline. If Kate doesn’t have this baby by the weekend, we’ll induce. We’re not exactly sure when, because we’re waiting for the hospital to confirm the appointment, but we know it’ll only be about three or four days.

I’m sure this is a dumb thing to say, but the schedule makes it all the more real. It’s plenty real as it is, of course, but even after the due date’s come and gone, it’s easy to forget that this baby’s actually coming. Spending a week at home, with no responsibilities and nothing to do, probably hasn’t helped either.

But guess what? Here comes a baby, probably by Monday at the latest. I think I might celebrate by ordering something from Amazon and seeing what arrives first.

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