Approaching something resembling a routine

This weekend marked the halfway point of my paternity leave, and things are finally starting to settle down. Our little one is a month old now, and I think we’re getting the hang of this parenting thing.

I’ve been trying to get back on top of a few everyday jobs, along with a few neglected projects. Family comes first, of course, but there’s a little more time these days to devote to other responsibilities and hobbies. Some days are more open than others; I didn’t have the opportunity to tackle anything yesterday, like I’d originally planned, but today will do just as well. So far, it’s just a matter of getting back on top of some personal daily habits.

Stay tuned to this space for news on a wide range of jobs, projects and campaigns as the next few weeks unfold. I can’t promise rapid growth or stunning accomplishment, but I can promise to try and find the time to post something new each day.

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