What’s Matt Been Drinking? returns two weeks from today

As I recently noted, a new blog of mine called What’s Matt Been Drinking? is currently on hiatus. It will return two weeks from today, which will also be the day I go back to work.

I’m thinking I’ll wipe out the current content and reboot the blog from scratch. I launched the blog in January without much of a plan, other than posting according to a schedule and seeing where the content took me. That was all fine and good for a new and uncertain project, but if I’m going to take a break and come back, I might as well do it with a sense of direction. and give the site a decent overhaul to boot.

Watch for the relaunch, or better yet, subscribe to the feed and you won’t miss a thing. I’ll be posting updates on Twitter as well, so feel free to follow me if you’re not already doing so. Thanks!

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