Welcome to Toronto

On the subway down to Stella for tonight’s show, I was sitting across from three people who I can only assume were tourists. Not because everyone who lives here has left town for the long weekend, and not because this is one of our biggest tourism weekends of the year, but because of what happened after we pulled out of Broadview.

If you’re like me, you tend to think of the Don Valley as the part of your commute where you can get a signal. That’s why it was so surprising, and so awesome, to see these three people glued to the window, enjoying the view and pointing out to each other how beautiful it was.

After all, it’s a pretty beautiful view! You take it for granted when you see it ten times a week, but when you notice someone else really enjoying it, it has a way of making you proud of your town. So does hosting one of the longest and largest Pride celebrations in the world, but you know what I mean.

Later tonight, when I’m taking the all-night bus home, I think I’ll make a point to really enjoy that view. I mean, I probably won’t, because nothing can overpower the soul-crushing misery of the all-night bus. But I can give it a shot, right?

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