My family’s first fever

When my wife went to bed on Monday night, she did so complaining of chills. When I joined her a few hours later, I had the same problem. By the time my daughter woke up wailing later that night, it was obvious we’d all come down with something.

In a way, though, it was nice. I took a sick day, and we took turns looking after the kid and trying to catch up on our own rest. It also didn’t last long; we were both feeling better by the time we took our kid to a walk-in clinic that evening, and her own temperature dropped back down to normal late last night.

Sure, it’s tough to comfort a sick kid when you’ve got a fever and a splitting headache, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun, if only in retrospect. In a way, it was our first genuine “we’re in this as a family” moment, and now that we’re all feeling better, we can say we’ve conquered it.

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