AIDS Walk Recap: “Our every move is the new tradition”

If you’re anĀ Achewood reader, then you’ll remember a strip at the end of the Great Outdoor Fight series, right after Ray and Roast Beef had won the fight by breaking all the rules. “This is completely a thing,” Roast Beef tells Ray. “Our every move is the new tradition.”

My daughter and I may not have finished our first AIDS Walk together by toppling some jeeps and burning the route to the ground, but I like to think we still created a new tradition today. I’ve done the walk alone for the past few years, and bringing my daughter along this year made it much more fun. It took an extra twenty minutes or so, but it seemed like the shortest walk to date.

Instead of putting on a pair of headphones or catching up on my news feeds, I tried to keep a baby entertained, and mostly succeeded. Instead of heading out afterward for some coffee or a drink, I changed that baby’s diaper on the floor of my office. Instead of heading home for an early night, I dropped in on my parents, caught up with my wife, and kept the baby out much later than I should have.

It was a much longer day, full of a lot more work than usual, and I can’t wait to do it again next year. In fact, I’d quite like to do it every year. Maybe not the diaper changing part, because traditions do evolve, but you know what I mean.

Big thanks, once again, to all the sponsors who made it possible! Together, we raised a total of $675.00 – and counting, potentially, because the AIDS Committee of Toronto is still accepting donations. If you want to help push that total even further, you can do so online via my sponsorship page. Thank you!

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