Baby Harvey Fierstein

If you’ve been avoiding this site because you’re sick of reading cute baby stories, then believe me, I take no offense. I know they’re not always the most exciting stories around, especially if you don’t have kids of your own. But in my defense, they’re better than most of the stories I make up just for my kid’s benefit.

I won’t even bore you, for example, with the story of Baby Harvey Fierstein, who’s a baby I made up to try and get my kid to stop crying. You see, my kid had an earache and a fever this weekend, and she’d been bawling for so long that her voice had become whiny and raspy in equal measure. Thus, the origin story of Baby Harvey Fierstein was yanked from out of my ass.

It’s really not a good story, guys. It reeks of “Look how cute my kid and I are.” Especially when I actually do the voice, which of course I’m not going to do here. To tell you the truth, I’m sorry I brought it up.

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