Celebrate “Swearing Sunday” and do yourself and your family some good

A few days ago, I joked about giving up swearing for Lent for my daughter’s sake. My wife thought it was a good idea, and suggested we give it a go.

It was a nice idea, but we never really got it off the ground – and it’s too late to try, since we’ve both sworn multiple times this week. But maybe that’s for the best; research has shown, after all, that swearing is good for you.

Not only that, but a recent post on DorkDaddy.com suggests that swearing might be especially good for parents. Like many working parents, blogger Dork Dad is a person playing many roles in life, and in none of those roles is it acceptable to “drop a well-placed, heart-felt, withering F-bomb.”

Maybe that’s why the shock and discomfort he felt during a recent guy’s night out, at which someone unexpectedly cursed in public, quickly became relief:

“It wasn’t as if we suddenly turned into a group of sailors. But for that one glorious afternoon, surrounded by people in (and on shore leave from) the exact same life-circumstance as I am, there were no socially acceptable bounds on my behavior beyond who I am naturally. Me – just me. No hats to wear. No parts to play. As I drove home after dinner, I had to laugh… what I didn’t realize about myself was just how badly I needed to curse.”

The trick, it seems, is to find the right time and place to swear. And why search for it when you can claim it?

One of the things I didn’t know about Lent is that in most Western denominations of Christianity, it doesn’t include Sundays. If you’re fasting or practicing some other form of self-denial, Sunday seems to be a day when you can take a break.

Even if you’d chosen to give up cursing for Lent, for example, you could curse a blue streak on Sunday and still be in God’s good books. You might want to avoid taking His name in vain, but other than that, you’re golden.

Why not take a moment this evening to just haul off like you were in Reservoir Dogs or something? It’s bound to make you feel better, and as long as the kids are out of earshot, it might just make you a better parent.

Celebrate “Swearing Sunday” today. You’ll be glad as shit you did!

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