Clicking to donate never looked so good

The folks at GreaterGood have given their range of “click to donate” websites a complete design overhaul. The new layout is more spacious and visually appealing, and it does a much better job of organizing a wide range of links and content.

Best of all, it’s still remarkably easy to contribute to a range of good causes through these sites, at no cost to you. Click the link above, and you’ll be taken to the first (and newest) in a total of nine sites dedicated to their own social or environmental issues. Click the button at the top of each page, and the site’s sponsors will make a donation on your behalf.

Each site counts one click per day from each unique user, so you can come back each day and make a new donation. You can sign up for an email reminder, or you can make one of these sites a startup tab in your web browser. Either way, do make it a daily habit!

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