Look, the point is, he was a good kid

“You’ve got a really great kid,” I said. “You’re doing a good job.”

I was so excited that I actually got to say that to another man. I’ve said it to plenty of women about their own children, but I’ve been waiting for over a year to pay a man the same compliment. A few of my fellow dads have said it to me, often in tough times, and every time it’s meant a lot to me. So I’ve been eager to pay it forward and share the same support with another dad.

“Thanks,” he smiled. “But he’s not my son; he’s my brother.”

“Oh!” I stammered. “Well, you’ve got a really great brother, then!”

Oh, what? Look, they were at least twenty years apart. Anybody else would have made the same mistake. The “good kid” part was the important part, and I got that right. What do you people want from me, anyway?

Damn it, now I have to find another dad with a good kid. Back to the drawing board!

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