Thank you for giving a despairing post a very uplifting response

Yesterday’s post about Tim Bosma and fatherhood got more visitors and traffic than anything else I’ve ever posted. Several hundred of you paid a visit, and a few of you were kind enough to share it.

I really appreciate it. I mentioned how self-conscious I was about sharing these thoughts in the first place, and I’m glad they resonated with a few people. It was a welcome reminder that often, when you cut the crap and say what you’re really feeling, you discover that you’re not the only one.

It was also a reminder that I need to learn more about how Google Analytics works. Most of this traffic has come from sources I don’t know how to identify; I can only assume that those numbers represent genuine humans and not just bots.

But even if you set aside that chunk of the visits, you still end up with many more people taking the time to read the post than I’d ever expected. For that, I’m very grateful.

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