The “Rob Ford’s House” protest has been moved to a much better location

I’m glad to be able to tell you that the Rob Ford protest I mentioned this morning has officially been moved to the offices of Newstalk 1010, the station that airs the mayor’s radio show.

“It is a place where the mayor regularly takes questions from the public,” the official statement reads, “and it is a place where we will add our voices to those of the world’s media in demanding that Mayor Ford answer the questions that we have asked.”

I promised you that if a new location was chosen, I’d tell you about it. In the short time that’s passed, the mayor’s brother has wasted the media’s time in a display of total contempt for the voters, and the mayor himself has continued to make himself scarce. As far as I’m concerned, the demand for public accountability is more vital than ever.

In the meantime, the mayor’s staff is still handing out magnets with his phone number on them, for those of us who have questions for him. They handed some out this morning, in fact,¬†at the funeral of Peter Worthington, just minutes before the mayor himself told a journalist asking questions about his drug use to “have some respect.”

The number on those magnets is (416) 233-6934. Be polite but direct, and think of his family, when you give him a call.

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